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PHP 8 and safe-build Update of the popular C99 variant of PHP Shell.

c99.php v.2.1 (PHP 8) (02.02.2022) Updated by: HolyOne for PHP 8 on top of KaizenLouie c99 PHP7 Build

About C99Shell

An excellent example of a web shell is the c99 variant, which is a PHP shell (most of them calls it malware) often uploaded to a vulnerable web application to give hackers an interface. The c99 shell lets the attacker take control of the processes of the Internet server, allowing him or her give commands on the server as the account under which the threat is operating. It lets the hacker upload, browse the file system, edit and view files, in addition, to deleting, moving them and changing permissions. Finding a c99 shell is an excellent way to identify a compromise on a system. The c99 shell is about 1500 lines long if packed and 4900+ if properly displayed, and some of its traits include showing security measures the web server may use, a file viewer that has permissions, a place where the attacker can operate custom PHP code (PHP malware c99 shell).

There are different variants of the c99 shell that are being used today. This github release is an example of a relatively recent one. It has many signatures that can be utilized to write protective countermeasures.

About this release:

I've been using php shells as part of my Ethical Hacking activities.

Sadly, the codes that I have is for PHP 5.3 and below. So I updated to the latest PHP version.

Here you go mates, a clean and safe-build version of the most stable c99shell that I can see.

If ever you see more bugs, please create an issue or just fork it, update it and do a pull request so I can check it and update the codes for stabilization.


This is a widely used php shell by hackers, so don't freak out if your anti-virus/anti-malware detects this php file as malicious or treated as backdoor. Since you can see the codes in my re-released project, you can read all throughout the codes and inspect or even debug as much as you like.


I will NOT be held responsible for any unethical use of this hacking tool.

Best shell bro thanks