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A simple, intuitive, feature rich, php web shell for pen testing.


To download use one of the following (or similar)

curl  > /var/www/html/php-shell.php

From there just visit the website with /php-shell.php at the end and enjoy your web based shell from the host!


  • Arrow Up: History up
  • Arrow Down: History down
  • Enter: Run command
  • Click Anywhere: Focus command prompt

History is not saved across sessions and is stored locally in the browser for the time being.


  • exit: Log out
  • cd: Change directory
  • cls: Clear the screen
  • rshell: "rshell IP PORT" open a remote shell to the specified address
  • upload: Shows a file prompt then uploads the file to the current directory
  • download: Download a file either relative path or full. "download FILE"

cd is unique here. If you do the following,

cd /home; ls

This will be executed as a SH/BASH command. The cd will not set the current working directory outside of the exec. However,

cd /home

This will be executed as an internal command setting the PHP cwd and it is permanent (until refresh).


The defaults are,

  • Username: user
  • Password: pass

The username and password are both hashed via sha512 and set in the file directly.

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